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Рождество и бездомные в центре Сан-Хосе - самого большого города в Silicon Valley - Юрий Панчул [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Рождество и бездомные в центре Сан-Хосе - самого большого города в Silicon Valley [Dec. 29th, 2015|11:31 pm]
Yuri Panchul
Рождество в центре Сан-Хосе - самого большого города в Silicon Valley:

Рождественская экспозиция призывает меньше мыться в душе для экономии воды, использовать собственные авоськи в магазинах и лампочки LED:

Бездомные - там же:

Как эти люди стали бездомными?

Они забывали делать free для каждого malloc в языке программирования Си
Они допускали гонки в последовательностных схемах в Verilog-е из-за неправильного использования блокирующих присваиваний
Они отрицали что весь Запад поддерживает свободу на Украине и их работодатели прислушались к бдительным украинцам
Они допустили перерасход воды во время мытья в душе, не использовали LED-лампочки и не отказались от одноразовых пакетов
Они кощунственно не поддерживали всеобщее умиление Стивом Джобсом, Марком Цукербергом и Элоном Маском
Я не знаю, что натворили эти джентлемены, но им явно помогли бы ватники
Из-за бугра плюете?

[User Picture]From: maxdz
2015-12-31 01:33 pm (UTC)
>would reveal the role France played in the affair

Why USA is not a French colony than? And why there still English and not French is oficial language? And actually how many French soldiers did fight against England in America?

Questions, questions...
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From: zingis
2015-12-31 04:21 pm (UTC)
I am glad you became curious, this is the only possible way to start a journey toward better understanding. As I said, you can find the answers in many readily available textbooks on the subject. Happy new year!
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[User Picture]From: maxdz
2015-12-31 04:28 pm (UTC)
I'll say you why. Because it was a war of Americans for America - and not Americans for France or Spain.

The same situation with Ukrainians - fighting against Russian terrorists and occupants in Ukraine.
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From: zingis
2015-12-31 09:37 pm (UTC)
Your belief in simple explanations of complex historical phenomena and, specifically, in "[creative] will of the masses" betrays Marxian educational background. I am sorry to say, but whatever virtues Marxism might possess it utterly failed to be a reasonable theory capable of explaining not to say predicting history. I can only repeat (again) that to understand history you should read books. This might be more difficult and less instantly gratifying than indulging one's emotions with one line mottoes, but it is, believe me, the only viable method, in the long term.

You are, of course, right that many among East-Ukrainian rebels sincerely believe that they fight for "America for Americans" and not for Kiev, and you justly compare them to the founding fathers of the American revolution. But, at the same time, others believe that East-Ukraine should remain part of the metropoly, and you can compare them to the loyalists of the American Independence War. The truth is, both these categories together are negligible minority: in both civil wars absolute majority of population remained completely passive and indifferent.
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[User Picture]From: maxdz
2015-12-31 10:19 pm (UTC)
>among East-Ukrainian rebels

There are no such thing like "East-Ukrainian rebels".
There are Russian terrorists who have intruded in Crimea and in East-Ukraine with Russian weapons - while domestical East-Ukrainian population fled from there leaving all property to terrorists.
From ca. 3 mln of "lugandon"'s domestical population - ca. 1,5 mln fled in other regions of Ukraine, ca. 1,1 mln in Russia, ca. 0.3 mln in other countires (like Belarus or Western countries).

Compare such a mass-escape of people from East-Ukraine with real revolutions (like Maidan events or Independence War in America) - and you will see the difference between terroristical activities of some foreign bandits and revolution of free people in own country.
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