July 7th, 2014

Yuri Panchul 1994

Кого Майкл Макфол назвал "плохим руководством"?

Макфол дал интервью и сразу сказал, что события на Украине - это "гиганская и ненужная трагедия", которая не была исторической необходимостью, а была "полностью сфабрикована плохим руководством". Имен "плохого руководства" Макфол не назвал. Как по-вашему, он имел в виду кого-нибудь конкретно или так, заинтриговать публику?


MICHAEL MCFAUL: Well the first thing that’s happening there is a giant and needless tragedy and I want to start with that because we sometimes quickly get in. We talk about the conflict and kind of rating the conflict. This is one that didn’t need to happen. Ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians have lived side by side for long a time.

This was all fabricated by bad leadership and bad decisions and now you have hundreds of people dying in a place that had been peaceful for a long time. That’s frustrating to me for somebody who worked on the effort to try to make Ukraine and Russia better with the United States.