November 30th, 2013

Yuri Panchul 1994

Макфол, Microchip PIC32MZ Starter Kit и камелии

Макфол выложил свое выступление перед какими-то поклонниками, на что я тут же украсил его комментарием:

Yuri Panchul: Mr.McFaul: You said B-2 visas are OK, but what about B-1 visas?
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From an external observer these actions of the US Government send the
following message: "We would like Russians to like America and be stupid.
We support their vanity desires to go to Disneyworld in Florida but oppose
their intents to connect with their US colleagues in anything important
like real science or technology. Weak things like Skolkovo is OK;
everybody else will be scrutinized like potential spies, delayed and rejected".

Еще Макфол выложил какие-то свои слайды, про которые я тут же, не отходя от кассы, внес свои пару центов:

Yuri Panchul: I read these slides with great interest. However I can identify a few
issues with the 'innovation' part. The slides emphasize Skolkovo-MIT deal
and Intel, but they ignore the US-created obstacles with export control and
unreasonable scrutinizing business and scientific visitors to the US.

Let's enumerate some of these issues:

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5. The actions of the US government create an impression that the US
government would like to suppress the technological development in Russia
in certain areas to avoid creating another China ('modernization without
democratization'). This is consistent with the following statements from
the book of Michael McFaul 'Advancing Democracy Abroad: Why We Should and
How We Can':

Michael McFaul: 'In the developing world over the past 50 years, there is
no correlation between modernization and democratization'

Michael McFaul: 'In the economic growth race in the developing world,
autocracies are the hares and the snails, while democracies are the
tortoises. On average, democracies have a slower rate of growth than the
best autocratic performers but a much better rate of growth than most
autocratic regimes'

Michael McFaul: 'Over the past 10 years, economic modernization in Russia
has undermined, not promoted, democratic development.'

Потом я решил запустить новый Microchip PIC32MZ Starter Kit и обнаружил, что он не запускается без каких-то прагм, которые я для PIC32MZ еще не знаю. Вот такое работает (прагмы скопированы из примера):

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Теперь также надо попробовать оживить DBINIT/DBPRINTF для отладочной выдачи на консоль, после чего можно будет послать пару комплектов PIC32MZ в Киев революционным массам для моральной поддержки из Америки.

Так как DBINIT/DBPRINTF сразу не заработал, я чтобы отвлечься наваял пост о камелиях:

I got this plant from Tom Nuccio. Tom told me that he got it from a person named Perkins under the name 'Gingetsu'. Obviously this plant is not 'Gingetsu' because the real 'Gingetsu' is a well-known white Camellia sasanqua, from Higo-sazanka group of cultivars, originated in Japanese province of Kumamoto.

I suspect this misnamed 'Gingetsu Perkins' might be a cross between C. sasanqua and C. reticulata. Its flower size is unusually big for sasanqua, but it has a good sun tolerange. It is also fast growing, upright and somewhat loose. It is much easier to cross C. sasanqua with C. reticulata than to cross C. sasanqua with C. japonica because of their chromosome counts. Both C. sasanqua and C. reticulata usually have 90 chromosomes, while C. japonica - just 30. For more information about Camellia chromosomes see Camellia sasanqua botany (with pictures).


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One of my 'Gingetsu Perkins' plants got what looks like a bud mutation, and produced a flower with petaloids:

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На каком расстоянии от Европы и России вы хотите видеть Украину?

На 100% в Европе
На 90% в Европе - на 10% в России
На 80% в Европе - на 20% в России
На 60% в Европе - на 40% в России
На 50% в Европе - на 50% в России
На 40% в Европе - на 60% в России
На 20% в Европе - на 80% в России
На 10% в Европе - на 90% в России
На 100% в России
Как говорит Макфол, это не zero-sum game!!!
Из-за бугра плюете?