Yuri Panchul (panchul) wrote,
Yuri Panchul

US Ambassador in Russia called Russia "the country of savages" ("дикая cтрана")

Посол США в России Михаил Макфол назвал Россию "дикой страной". Хорошо, хоть не "Рашкой"! Вот что я по этому поводу накатал на разных англоязычных форумах, ссылаясь на замалчивание этого факта в англоязычных СМИ, несмотря на существование видеозаписи инциндента:

U.S. Envoy Claims Russian Harassment

Мой комментарий про то, что "дикая страна" не вошла во многие статьи:

This article does not tell the whole story ( see the original video - http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/283238/ ). Specifically, Michael McFaul used the expression "дикая страна" that in this particular context means a "country of savages". Various media is trying to downplay the episode by translating it as "barbarian country", "wild country" or not translating it at all. But in my opinion, usage of this expression by US Ambassador in Russia is an approximate equivalent of using N-word by any US politician in the US.

Ironically, McFaul may have learned this expression from one of so-called Russian "oppozitsioner", opportunistic self-appointed advocates of American way of life in Russia. Usually this kind of people are pretty clueless about the real life. For example, one of them, Novodvorskaya, believed there were no economic crises in the US until "socialistic reforms" of XX century. This kind of people want to be backed by the US so they meet American politicians and tell them various stories about how bad Russians are (except, of course those "oppozitsioners"). "Дикая страна" is one of the expressions those confused "oppozitsioner" people use to describe their own country and their own culture.

In my opinion US Ambassor should never ever ever use that expression.

Do you think the Ambassador of the United States of America can use the expression "the country of savages" toward the country he is working in?

Yep, Freedom of Speech
No, because it does not help to sell our good old US of A in that country
Another opinion (please comment)

ljpromo, приди!

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