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MIPS Technologies срочно ищет веб-девелопера для поддержки компанейского вебсайта - Юрий Панчул [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Money can buy bandwidth. Latency requires bribing God.

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MIPS Technologies срочно ищет веб-девелопера для поддержки компанейского вебсайта [Sep. 27th, 2011|02:16 pm]
Yuri Panchul

Народ! Наша компания MIPS Technologies срочно ищет веб-девелопера для поддержки компанейского вебсайта http://www.mips.com . Позиция в штаб-квартире в Саннивейл. К сожалению, для этой позиции раскрутить начальнегов на наем прямо из России или Украины наверное не удастся (как это удалось с ramlamyammambam), но если вы в штатах и крутой веб-девелопер, то пришлите мне емейл с резюме на panchul собака mips точка ком.

ЖЖ юзера tema не предлагать - он матерщинник.

MIPS Technologies входит в список "Лучшие места для работы в Силиконовой Долине" по мнению Business Times и Business Journal.

Инфо - http://tbe.taleo.net/NA3/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp?org=MIPS&cws=1

Web Developer

Position Summary

This position requires a seasoned professional who is proficient with XHTML/HTML, has a wide array of web development and web design skills, and proven expertise in web site management and user interfaces (UIs). We need a strong professional to drive the creation and maintenance of the overall site, navigation and site architecture development, web application development, as well as domain management expertise. Candidate must be well versed in hosting and overall web services management.

This candidate should possess a minimum of 5+ years experience as a web developer/webmaster with proven results in web programming skills, understanding of best practices in all industry-standard web languages, as well as proficiency in a wide array of web analytics tools that effectively measure marketing results and web traffic trends.

Role Necessity and Priorities

Proven leadership in managing corporate web initiatives for a number of companies
Overseeing content management system for website
Managing day-to-day internal and external site maintenance
Designing, formatting and quickly implementing concise, effective web pages where needed Creating and optimizing web images for download efficiency and clean design
Strong scripting experience, including PHP and JavaScript
Experience architecting, implementing and maintaining database-driven web applications in PHP Managing the optimization and scalability of a high-traffic website; ensure a site can scale depending on workload and business changes Provide consistent tracking of downloads, visitors and other web site statistics
Ability to serve as company database administrator (DBA) for data integration needs and work closely with IT when needed
Serve as primary interface on all website activities as MIPS’s business needs change and escalate (i.e. company website integrations and merging multiple sites)
*Ability to successfully trouble-shoot on the fly and have a working knowledge of web server and web technical issues management is crucial

Mandatory Experience and Qualifications

5+ years experience as a proven web master/web developer
Solid working experience in XHTML/HTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, and AJAX
Expert/strong knowledge of PHP, Java and SQL/MySQL
Strong understanding of web architectures that foster modularity, layering, and reusability of templates
Understanding of cross-browser/platform issues and browser security techniques
Keen and updated knowledge of today’s website design best practices
Eye for clean UI development and implementation
Excellent leadership, communication, organizational skills and vendor management experience
Ability to localize web content across global sites and develop regional web templates accordingly
Desire to work well under pressure and meet aggressive deadlines on a consistent basis

Desirable Experience

Experience working in a fast-paced, deadline-centric environment
Experience launching websites for a number of larger and mid-size companies
Proven success of database integration over the years
Experience with Content Management System such as Wordpress
Experience with Photoshop/Illustrator
Experience with Confluence

Education: BA/BS degree required

[User Picture]From: tymofiy
2011-09-27 11:41 pm (UTC)
«наем прямо из Украины наверное не удастся» — жаль.
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[User Picture]From: panchul
2011-09-28 12:37 am (UTC)
Но с другой стороны наши компанейские юристы недавно придумали способ удобно нанимать людей в России через третью компанию, так что со временем будем нанимать и людей на российской и украинской территории.
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