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Текущая newsletter MIPS Technologies - Юрий Панчул [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Текущая newsletter MIPS Technologies [Aug. 5th, 2010|03:55 pm]
Yuri Panchul

MIPS Technologies Newsletter

Preparing for Google TV

Initial Google TV products will be available in autumn 2010. There will likely be tens of millions of marketing dollars spent by Google and partners on the initial effort, with major promotion around Google TV. This paves the way for MIPS licensees and their customers to capitalize on this momentum. In 2011, Google TV code will be open sourced. As with Android, we expect an explosion of Google TV devices to follow, starting in 2011 and beyond. Much like TV platforms in the past, once Google TV reaches mass deployment, it will run on MIPS-Based platforms. Read More

Why MIPS for Mobile: Executive Q & A

We recently sat down with MIPS' Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Art Swift to find out why conditions are right for MIPS Technologies to succeed in the mobile handset market. According to Swift, "It's an exciting time to enter the mobile handset market, and we're able to do so because of two main inflection points: 4G and Android." Read More

Customer Spotlight: Femtocells Go Mainstream with Percello SoCs

MIPS licensee Percello, the leading provider of baseband processors for femtocells, is making incredible strides in the femtocell market. Read on to learn about femtocells and why Percello's technology in particular is so promising.
Read More

Security Platform for MIPS® Architecture Powered by Discretix CryptoCell®

Security plays an important role in today's connected consumer devices. Smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, storage devices and media players rely on high-performance robust security solutions to enable premium content services. Security also protects the device and its software against hacking and malicious attacks. The Discretix Security Platform for MIPS® Architecture includes a security subsystem based on the Discretix CryptoCell®, providing the highest available level of device and application security. Read more

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MIPS Everywhere—at COMPUTEX 2010

MIPS Technologies Delivers Reference Implementation for Skype on MIPS-Based™ Devices




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